What Super Mario Odyssey Power Moons Unlock

What Super Mario Odyssey Power Moons Unlock

Last week saw the release of Super Mario Odyssey, the latest adventure for Nintendo’s flagship character and his first on the Switch. Mario is once again tasked with saving Princess Peach from Bowser, but this time his rescue takes him globetrotting to many new quirky Kingdoms. Along the way, he’ll need to collect Power Moons, which serve much of the same purpose as Power Stars and Shine Sprites from previous installments. They unlock new areas to explore and are ultimately required to finish their respective games.

However, in Super Mario Odysseycollecting Power Moons can unlock all sorts of extras. The game already has gobs of costumes to dress Mario in that can be purchased in the game with coins at the Crazy Cap shop, but some costumes require players have a certain number of Power Moons to unlock. That’s not it, though. As every series veteran know, collecting all of the game’s tokens unlocks something special that rewards them for their effort. That still holds true for this installment.

Super Mario Odyssey Koopa Troopa Moon Video

It’s worth mentioning that some costumes can be obtained without Power Moons at all, instead being unlocked with Amiibos.

Here is a list of everything players can get their hands on:

  • Luigi Outfit – 160 Power Moons
  • Luigi Cap – 180 Power Moons
  • Doctor Outfit – 220 Power Moons
  • Doctor Headwear – 240 Power Moons
  • Dark Side of the Moon Region – 250 Power Moons
  • Waluigi Suit – 260 Power Moons
  • Waluigi Cap – 280 Power Moons
  • Diddy Kong Suit – 300 Power Moons
  • Diddy Kong Cap – 320 Power Moons
  • Wario Suit – 340 Power Moons
  • Wario Cap – 360 Power Moons
  • Hakama – 380 Power Moons
  • Bower’s Tuxedo – 420 Power Moons
  • Bowser’s Top Hat – 440 Power Moons
  • Bridal Gown – 460 Power Moons
  • Bridal Veil – 480 Power Moons
  • Darker Side of the Moon Region, Gold Mario Suit – 500 Power Moons
  • Gold Mario Cap – 520 Power Moons
  • Metal Mario Suit (64-era) – 540 Power Moons
  • Metal Mario Cap (64-era) – 560 Power Moons

Note that many of these unlockables require players complete the game’s main story first. According to a recent poll, the average time to complete the game sits at around 11 hours on average.

To complete Super Mario Odyssey, players will need to collect a minimum of 124 Power Moons to clear the way to the end. Once it’s finished, the Post Game is unlocked and a slew of new activities await. Any Power Moons that were previously unobtainable are now ripe for the taking. Players can also collect Base Power Moons from each of the Kingdoms, which will net a total of 556 Power Moons.

Each Kingdom will also have a Moon Rock that will unlock more Power Moons, and Archivist Toadette will be at the Mushroom Kingdom to reward more to players for completing achievements. The remaining Power Moons can be purchased at Crazy Cap Shops, bringing the total amount to 999.

After collecting all 999 Power Moons, players can make a special trip to Peach’s Castle, which will be adorned with a top hat. Making it to the top and spinning Cappy will reward players with a small cutscene.

Super Mario Odyssey is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Source: IGN

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